20 November 2015

Be Accurate Ltd: O συνδετικός κρίκος «ακριβείας» από την Ελλάδα προς τη Μ. Ανατολή

Μια νέα εταιρεία στον ελληνικό χώρο, αλλά με πολύχρονη εμπειρία άνω των 30ετών των στελεχών που την απαρτίζουν στο χώρο των διεθνών μεταφορών & logistics, η Be Accurate Ltd, […]
3 July 2015

UK freight cheers as Airports Commission opts for another runway at Heathrow

The UK’s freight community has unanimously backed the findings of the Airports Commission, which today came out in favour of a new runway at Heathrow. Expansion […]
30 June 2015

Three China cargo carriers to merge: media reports

China’s three largest airline cargo carriers will merge to form Asia’s largest freight transport company, a senior official at the Civil Aviation Administration of China was […]
19 June 2015

SouthEast Europe HUB

We have established a new cooperation which offers our customers all services. Those are: Road Logistics: FullRoad LessRoad GroupageRoad Rail Logistics: IntermodalRail ConventionalRail Sea Logistics: FullSea […]