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BE ACCURATE LTD was founded in 2015 by professionals with strong academical background, excellent knowhow, over 30 years experience in the field and passionate for the international forwarding and logistics endeveaur.

  • The company is located at Piraeus, the biggest port in Greece. This allows us to interract direct and timely with all shipping lines and customs offices.
  • In proximity of 15KM, in the major 3PL industrial area of greater Athens, Aspropyrgos, we have located our warehouse and distribution center.
  • Last but not least, the Athens International Airport can be reached within 30', enabling us to connect with the airlines and airfreight related services.


Air Transports


Sea Transports


Road Transports




We aim to be the extension of our customer's business.


We leverage our knownledge and competence by collaborating with our customers to secure efficiency in their supply chain requirements.


BE ACCURATE values the personal contact to customers and partners as well as the mutual commitment in fulfilling promises.

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