Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions addresses customer demands, which require a true end-to-end solution, we combine logistical and transportation options in coordination with the necessary planning and scheduling to offer a complete service to our customers.

  • Greece has a geographical advantage as it is the first European Community country after the crossing the Suez Channel.
  • The Sea- and Airports satisfy the demand to be considered as the "Gateway to Western and Eastern Europe”.
  • The Road and Rail Network supports the combination of Ports and Surface Network to transport any kind of products.
  • Warehouses and Handling options are offered in many locations in Greece with strategical importance.
  • Customs authorities support the supply chain models with the necessary process and flexibility.

An example of such a service is shown below:


  • Customer based in Austria is buying and importing finished products in China.
  • Seafreight is utilized to transports the shipments to Piraeus Port.
  • From Piraeus Port a Rail Solution is offered to transport the container to final destination in Austria.
  • The entire Supply Chain is monitored and matched with customer's planning.
  • The model reduces from one hand the inventory in stock and ensures on the other that product is available at the right quantity and requested time.