We recognized that today's challenges of this sector are the highly competitive environment, the globalization of the suppliers and end users and the fragile economies. Our service is designed to provide our customers with the right solution to address the current but also future challenges.

  • Cargo management results in the reduction of your transport costs by focusing on the consolidation of your flows.
  • Hub solutions focus on supplying you with services prior to and during consolidation.
  • Global network solutions aim to provide a centralized approach to freight management without compromising local actions.
  • Visibility solutions provide you with an insight into processes on every shipment.


We face the demands of the Healthcare Industry to provide a seamless temperature and conditional control within the supply chain.

The benefits which we apply to tackle those requirements are:

  • reliable and efficient pharma temperature controlled transportation and warehousing services
  • trained staff can undertake all processes for dedicated & secure solutions across Europe
  • compliant network of sub-contractors to ensure a safe door-door transportation and warehousing services
  • we focus on products that require temperature ranges of
    • +2° to +8° C
    • +15° to +25° C


Our fresh approach and product-specific network considers flexible transportation and logistics solutions that safeguard product integrity, extend shelf life and minimize wastage.

We provide a choice of multiple modes of transport depending on urgency and consignment size.

These include:

  • Temperature-controlled air freight
  • Seafreight reefer freight
  • Temperature-controlled road and courier services
  • Any combination of the above


This sector requires fast, reliable and secure services which need to adapt to the continuous changing environment and demands. Our service is designed to provide our customers with the right solution to address the current but also future challenges.

  • Supply Logistics to tackle the optimazation of inbound streams to the production sites
  • Distribution Logistics to address the demand to ship directly from the production site to the end user
  • Reverse Logistics to comply with all regulations on the process to return products from users.

In all services we provide, we address the security topic. Every step in the supply chain is secured with adequate measures to address the risks.
We actively collaborate with all organizations in order to provide and receive real-time critical information.
A GPS driven solution is available and adaptable to the transportation mode to address the real-time monitoring of all lanes.

Project / Out of Gage

We have the ability and knowledge to support customer needs in organizing, managing and executing projects and out of gage transports.

The sectors which we focus on are:

  • transportation of yacht and vessels
  • transportation of industrial equipment