We have laid the foundation for worldwide transport solutions, engaging all major airlines and agents providing a global service:

General Air Logistics Services

We utilize our global network to offer an end-to-end airfreight service. Our General Airfreight Service is offered in 2 options:

  • PlusAir
    Our service offers priority access to capacity and short transit times at a fair price.
  • BasicAir
    This is the low cost option which focus on pricing rather than flexibility.

Special Air Logistics Services

  • PharmaAir
    We have developed a dedicated solution for the Healthcare sector. The service includes collection and distribution, ground handling, careful selection of the airline based on their capabilities and origin and/or destination service they offer, customs clearance where applicable. The service is available for products with a temperature range of 2-8C and 15-25C.
  • FreshAir
    Our service for our persibhable customers. We offer ground handling, customs clearance and airfreight service that ensures the safe transport of perishables in line with strict regulations. This is more of a tailor-made service as we always adapt to the customer needs. Tight temperature control (2 to 6˚C) and a single point of contact ensures an efficient transport of the goods with the necessary care.
  • ExpressAir
    Our service for urgent shipments incl. the ones with AOG status. Our team is able to service around the clock and considering the demand of every shipment. One point of contact ensures continous flow of information and monitoring of those shipments.
  • CharterAir
    We support of customers on special demand for charter operations around the world. This service is offered on ad-hoc basis and has the capacity to organize the charter including all special needs.
  • OnBoardAir
    This is personalized carriage of any kind of shipments, worldwide and timed to meet the customer demands. We have standby personnel to support our customers.